Frequently Ask Questions

What should I expect during a session?


My style is natural and casual, not traditional or formal, so expect for your family to have fun. Please remember that my session is time-based session, so the more comfortable you are, the smoother the session will be, and the more photos we will get.

If you have a kid, be sure to keep your child’s nap schedule in mind when scheduling your time. Make sure it is not right before nap time, or your session most likely not go as well as it could. Oh, and be relaxed. The more relaxed the elder, the more relaxed a kid will be :)

I do the session outdoor under natural light, so everything depends on the weather we have. Just in case we have heavy rain during the session, I WILL wait until it stops. But if nature calls differently, then we MUST end the session. You will get the photos we have done before the rain. I do not offer rescheduling for free.

How do I dress?


I definitely prefer simple and casual for my sessions. I don't focus on clothes, but on the subjects themselves, BUT please be well clothed, you don't wanna look bad because of bad clothing. My main objective is to catch your best expressions.

In case you need suggestion in color, please ask.

How long do i have to wait for the result?


Client will receive the soft file maximum at 7 work days. While the print product, it takes longer time depends on the album and the queue at my printing vendor.