Hi, thanks for visiting my site. My name is Irawan Tri Nugrahantoro. I am a destination lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

I started my photography career at 2010 as pet photographer. Pet photography has been teaching me to be patient and able to read gesture of my subject. I realized these capabilities are very needed in every aspect of portrait photography (for photographing kids, adults, even seniors) and wedding photography. I specialized myself in lifestyle photography because I love seeing people cherish their precious family and life moments.

I'm a hybrid shooter, means I shoot digital and film cameras.

I chose film/ analog photography as medium, not because film is better than digital, or the other way around, it is simply because I feel that shooting film is slowing the session down, not tiring especially for clients, and it makes me more aware. I need to be more careful and wise in pressing my shutter because film is limited in number of frames, and, YES, it is expensive. For each frame I shoot, I strive to make it even better than the last shot.

Film result takes longer time to see than digital. We must wait the film to be developed and scanned that might take 7 -10days (!). About that waiting time, you DON'T need to worry, as mentioned above, I shoot digital as well. I understand completely that you need fast result from the session for some reasons. For this, you might need about three working days waiting for the result on your email.

Currently I am trusting my works in my medium format film camera Hasselblad 501CM and Sony Alpha 7ii digital camera, with several lenses.

So, I believe, my future clients which is YOU, will be fully trusting me for what I do after you decide to have me capturing your special moments.

Please feel free to ask anything about my service 😊